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Awareness Month
Public Seminar Morning
18th March 2017
Call Megan - 1300 852 850 or 03 9885 9613

Saturday 19th March, 2016
Places are limited - email info@lav.org.au to reserve your place






















  The Lymphoedema Association of Victoria Inc. was established in 1990.

We are a non-profit organisation working towards increased awareness, education, research and support for those with lymphoedema. A registered charity, we rely on funds raised by membership fees, fundraising initiatives, philanthropic trusts and donations. The Association has well over 600 members mainly located in Victoria but also in other states of Australia and overseas.

Our Aims: 
• To provide support to people with lymphoedema
• To provide information about lymphoedema and its treatment
• To promote a network of support groups throughout Victoria
• To increase public and health professional awareness of lymphoedema
• To work toward the availability of better resources for the treatment of lymphoedema
• To liaise with health professionals interested in lymphoedema and to serve the needs of people who have this condition
• To maintain contact with lymphoedema associations in other states and participate in national activities.

Our committee

Kay Timmins                President

Doreen Floyd               Vice President

Liesl Petterd                Treasurer

Doreen Floyd               Secretary

Jan Wigney                  Committee Member

Bernadette Wilson       Committee Member

Kamal Basili                 Practitioner Representative


Nicky Zanen                 Newsletter Editor

Kaye Splatt                  Grants Officer